It’s not what’s now, it’s what’s coming

This Auction has finished, bids cannot be accepted.

Shanon Playford Drawing Auction

Charcoal 11” x 8.5” image on 15” x 10.5” on 130lb 25% cotton paper
Created on March 2& 3, 2011

From Debbie Bull’s suggestion:
It’s not what’s now, it’s what’s coming:
The first year I lived east of the mountains, I remember strange windy warm nights in late February, early March. It was Chinook winds that came right on the heels of bitter cold winter weather. The air was powerful but not aggressive, I almost felt like it buoyed me, carried me into spring. …Even if the winter chill came back before spring finally did arrive, just having felt a release from that biting cold and the reminder that days were getting longer was such a relief, like spring break in a single evening.

This auction is part of an ongoing series, In Like a Lion, an interactive project for the month of March where works are produced based on suggestions on my Facebook page:

*these works will be available for one month. Works that do not meet the preset reserve price will not be sold.

3 Responses to “It’s not what’s now, it’s what’s coming”

  1. paintblender says:

    I love this piece. I don’t quite get how this auction works though. I put in a bid on it. I don’t see a place that shows what the bidding is up to though.

  2. Shanon says:

    I’m just figuring out how this auction feature works too! I wanted to make this series affordable in appreciation for people collaborating on this project with me.
    Your maximum bid will kick in when another bid comes in…. I’m guessing that you’re the first bidder on this piece, so the starting bid is all that shows up. It needs another bidder in order to go up in price (by 4% ).
    …next time – if I do an auction again – I’d just start them at a little higher price…. so competition wouldn’t be a requirement, & anyone that bid would meet the reserve & could get the drawing/painting.
    The good news is that any work that doesn’t make the reserve will be available at my open studio party/weekend in May. Or I’ll put them up on Etsy….or somewhere.
    You’ll be contacted if the piece doesn’t meet the reserve & told what the reserve price is – if you want to meet it.


  3. Shanon says:

    Oh, and you may want to try your bid again, as I don’t see any bids on this except for the one from “kjroe.”

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