Halloween Orange & Chimney Red

Shanon Playford drawing
Halloween Orange & Chimney Red
gouache on paper
8.5” x 11.25” image
~ freehand drawing, done on March 9th & 10th

…from Martin Laughlin’s suggestion:
(from a Tom Waits song)
everything in the house, torched it,
parked across the street, laughing,
watching it burn, all Halloween
…orange and chimney red then…”

…& it took me way too long.
& the orange is more orange than this.

This piece, Halloween Orange & Chimney Red, is part of an ongoing series, In Like a Lion, an
interactive project for the month of March where works are produced based on suggestions on my
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shanon.playford.art

All works will be available at auction on my blog for one month from their date of completion.

If you’d like to bid go here:http://blog.josephsurface.com/auctions/halloween-orange-chimney-red

One Response to “Halloween Orange & Chimney Red”

  1. Deirdra Doan says:

    Hi I am so excited about your everyday art and auction.

    How about some flowers? And your beautiful historic women..loved your Queen Liz…and your historic middle ages or 1500’s paints..or France..Marie A..?

    How are you these days? I have been doing more and illustrating a children’s book and making art dolls..Check out my blog and etsy to see what I have been doing..
    Still want to take even one little private class or hour with you to learn to paint from you….. ..let me know if ever?? You are still my favorite…!!!

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