JANUARY FUN DAYS 2013! on facebook


*JANUARY FUN DAYS! is an annual event here at SPA. Most days this month, I’ll post some kind of art related query. You’ll receive one Painting Point per day. If you reply/comment on all the posts (right or wrong, serious or not) you’ll receive 30 PP, which you can put towards my art/art prizes (prints, small paper originals, discounts off larger works). There will be bonus points! & If you don’t care about points, you can answer the questions anyway. & If you answer at least one ‘magic’ question, you will be entered to win the JFD! grand prize! (yet to be determined, a painting of some kind, perhaps? ). The idea is to hear from you. …& to have fun, & maybe learn something about art, or you, or well, pretty much anything.

Ready? Okay! Let’s play!


Painting Points expire in October of the same year of issue.

& if not enough people want to play, well, then I won’t either.


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