Just Outside Siletz

shanon playford drawing

~ Just Outside Siletz ~
Charcoal drawing  9.25” x 6.75” image on 11” x 8” 130lb paper
created on march 7th from suggestion on Mar 6th
No reference material other than suggestion

from Daniel Schulte:
My Mom moved to the country to live off the land in the early ’70s. We raised all kinds of animals and ate some of them. One summer day around 1977, in that ramshackle house there were rabbit skins hanging from the loft, drying…. My brother and I decided to make little caveman or Indian outfits – our Mom (an artist too!) painted our faces – and we got some sticks and hiked to the end our pasture and up to the highway, just outside Siletz, Oregon. When we heard a car coming we’d jump out of the trees and jump up and down with our sticks like wild children. Then we’d run back into the woods. Maybe somewhere in there you can conjure and image. It’s a magical memory for me.

This drawing, Just Outside Siletz, is part of an ongoing series, In Like a Lion, an
interactive project for the month of March where works are produced based on suggestions on my
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shanon.playford.art

All works will be available at auction on my blog for one month after their completion.

If you’d like to bid go here:http://blog.josephsurface.com/auctions/just-outside-siletz

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